I was reading some interesting theories on economics and this question was asked, “When did a house become and asset and not a place to live?”  The shift in material thinking from that which was fundamental in the days of our Foundations regarding trade, commerce and the use of money has transition to be a core aspect of every conversation.  The study of how exchange of goods and services has become a driving force in how we are governed.  At the foundation, it was the preservation of Liberty that set the rational for governance.  What happened that moved the discussion of Liberty to the obsession with economy?  What economic agenda and theory has predominated the U. S. over the last century and is fostering the destruction of our Liberty.

Here is a fun look at what has lead to the destruction of the U. S. monetary, labor and trade policies that is taking personal and national Liberty.

Under the Keynesian plan, The Citizens of the U.S. have become the Serf’s of International Banking via the Federal Reserve.  We The People need to learn and press our elected to restore our Constitutional Liberties and a Constitutional monetary system.

How did we get the Federal Reserve, Who are they and What affects our Lives and Liberty?  Watch: Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

The Road to Serfdom

The Road to Serfdom in pdf


Oil Crisis or Energy Control to Dismantle the US Economy?

When I was an associate member to the Energy Security Council about ten years ago, we had began to receive the data that the US had the greatest oil deposits on the planet.  The data was strong.  The extraction process and cost was becoming more feasible.  The problems of refineries was becoming exacerbated by the EPA regulations and the environmental movement.  So now, the following article does a great job of coalescing the various components that are going to worsen our economic problems due to increasing fuel cost to transport products and food, let alone for personal transportation.  Get involved after you get irritated at: The Closure Of The U.S. Oil Refinery Industry In The Past 2 Years? WHY?



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